Dr. Hernando Rojas
Dr. Hernando RojasInvestigador Visitante

CV Hernando Rojas

Formación académica

  • Doctorado. Mass Communication (2005), School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Dissertation: “A communicative approach to social capital: Building a theoretical and empirical model of communication and community engagement”
  • Master. Mass Communication (1994), University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Thesis: “Censorship and the third-person effect”

Publicaciones recientes

  • Hopke, J., Gabay. I. Kim, S. & Rojas, H. (Forthcoming). Mobile phones and political participation in Colombia: Mobile Twitter versus mobile Facebook. Communication and the Public.
  • Puig-i-Abril, E. & Rojas, H. (Forthcoming). Silencing Political Opinions: An Assessment of the Influence of Geopolitical Contexts in Colombia. Communication Research.
  • Hong, Y., & Rojas, H. (2016). Agreeing not to Disagree: Iterative vs. Episodic Forms of Political Participatory Behaviors. International Journal of Communication.
  • Rojas, H., Barnidge, M. & Puig-i-Abril, E. (2016). Egocentric Publics and Corrective Action. Communication and the Public, 1, 27-38.
  • Rosenthal, S., Detenber, B. & Rojas, H. (2015). Efficacy beliefs in third-person effects. Communication Research. Published online February 19 as doi: 10.1177/0093650215570657